10 facts dating abuse

According to Soon-Yi, Farrow just didn’t have enough time to take care of all her kids.By Farrow’s own admission, the two were never as close as Farrow was with her other children.Farrow started dating Allen almost as soon as Soon-Yi arrived in America. Farrow’s ex-husband, Andre Previn, was the closest thing to a father figure for Soon-Yi, but he wasn’t much better.Soon-Yi has described him as someone who “came to visit pretty often.” She meant it as a positive thing.“She misinterprets situations.” Woody Allen’s defense for sleeping with Soon-Yi was that he’d never been much of a father to her.It’s the one thing he’s said that no one’s argued with.Children often become victims of physical violence as well.

Then her mother walked off, turned a corner, and disappeared.

When children witness abuse they receive the message that violence is an acceptable way to resolve conflict and therefore a normal part of a relationship.

The impact of witnessing abuse depends on the age and developmental stage of the child, the frequency and severity of the abuse along with the support systems in place for the child.

Adapted from A handbook for health and social service providers and educators on children exposed to woman abuse/family violence, Ottawa: Health Canada, 1999.

In 1992, Woody Allen got caught with a stack of naked Polaroid photos of Soon-Yi Previn, the young daughter of his common-law wife, Mia Farrow.

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