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The names of the officers of the Agncultur^ Association for Upper Canada, of the Board of Agriculture, and of the Horticultural Society, are incon-ect in some particu- lars.

Picton, president; "William Perguson, Kingston, and John Wade, Port Hope, vice presidents. Edwards, Toronto, secretary of the Board of Arts and Manufac- tures, ioint secretaries ; professor Croft, University college, consulting chemist ; James Fleming, Toronto, seedsman ; Bank of Upper Canada, bankers.

Martin," not " Thomas H, Aikraan." Joseph Amable Heureux, of St. #— For ''^Cash, William," read " Lash, Wiliam." Dungannon— As a note to this place, read " Th» Post office was formerly called Wawanosh." Embro — Name omitted, "DANIEL CALLAHAN, dealer in dry goods, hoots, shoes, crockery, hard- ware, country produce, &c." Kingston— The names of the directors of the Commer- cial Bank, and of the officers of the bank at Brock- ville, Perth, and Presoott, are incorrectly given, and the asency at St. Muloch." Lambeth— In note to this place, for "The Postofllce was formerly called Lambeth," read " The Post office was formerly called Westminster." Lennoxville — The bursar of Bishop's College is B. Por a list of Newspapers and Bank officers as corrected to the latest moment, see pp. Entered, according to the Act of the Provincial Parliament, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty- seven, by John Lotbll, in the office of the Registrar of the Province of Canada. 33 Abbottsford 33 Aberoorn 33 *~''^fbercrombie East ... B, — The information as to Newspapers and Bank officers, as printed under the different places, is in some cases incorrect, owing to changes during the time the different sheets were printing.

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