Accommodating adhd on the crct

I have been a volunteer in the "Reading is Fundamental" program and also the "Project Literacy" program for adults.I specialize in helping children and adults with mild Learning Disabilities by assisting them in overcoming and accommodating their specific deficits to reach their full learning potential and academic goals.I am very patient, understanding and help my students learn in an individualized format that they can absorb and potentially embed into their long term memory to process and retain for future success in their academics.If it is your objective to engage a tutor for your child or yourself with the expertise, patience and kindness that is required to achieve your goals and reach your academic potential, then please contact me at your earliest convenience.

The first part of the year, he was failing a few subjects, and I knew (if he passed to 6th grade) he wasn't going to make it in middle school with more responsibilities.

He has ALWAYS had issues with reading comprehension more than anything, which is the one area that applies to all areas of academics.

Every year, when my son takes the CRCT, he barely passes in the comprehension area.

Working with their teachers and integrating their IEP accommodations into my tutoring, I supplement my high school student’s studies in their co-taught classes through my individualized learning plans, to assist them to reach their highest academic potential.

Also, as a result of small group classes now being limited in the school system and because the formative years are where the children need the most help and support to obtain a strong academic foundation for their future studies, I have also utilized similar techniques and achieved equal success in tutoring my primary and middle school students with Learning Disabilities.

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