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They said they had received phone calls from different men who insisted the air hostesses had received money from them but refused to meet them.

The two women maintained they had no idea what was going on as the airline set up an inquiry to investigate them.

They suspected their photos were being used in a scam.

One air hostess said she had now been charged with fraud and was informed of the charge against her at a local police station in Bangkok.

Nor could I have explained to someone exactly what such a spectacle might offer. I will simply say it isn't all about ping pong balls. Tourism accounts for about 7% of Thailand's GDP, and Phuket is south-east Asia's most popular tourist destination.

Locals treated the girls as neighbours and saw their customers as no different to other tourists.

Most had Thai boyfriends who had no problem with their profession.

They kept in contact regularly and he was under the impression they were in a relationship.

The woman, however, avoided meeting him in person saying she was busy with flight duties overseas.

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