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In 1866 Giuseppe Garibaldi spoke to Verona from hotel balcony, facing Piazza Santa Anastasia.

In 1882 the hotel transferred to the Bastogi - Soini, who closed it.

We are steps away from the balcony of Shakespeare's Juliet, Piazza Bra and the Arena, the cradle of Italian and international opera, in the maze of Roman streets of old Verona.

Since the fourteenth century, a building known as Palazzo dell'Aquila (Palace of the Eagle) has been located here.

In 2010 Duetorrihotels Group acquired the prestigious structure, inaugurating a season of major renovations: in a few years the hotel was reaffirmed as an excellence in the hospitality industry.Over large portions of the walls we can admire scenes of circus life full of entertainment: circus wagons, acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, tamers, clowns, dancers and lots of animals.The structure of the Arena is very special: the golden segments which subdivide scenes inthe paintings go upward, to the ceiling, which is slightly curved.It was the era of transition from a town to “Signoria”, and the long reign of the Scala family, who with Cangrande I, the imperial vicar, inserted the Habsburg eagle in the family crest.From the early 1400s until 1730 the building belonged to the family of Bordieri.

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