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If you are passionate about any sports/art/craft/music/hobby – do it.

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If you wish to discuss our dating agency and matchmaking services with one of our friendly and experienced staff members in Melbourne, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

For English support please call us now on 03 9898 1085.

Some clients feel embarrassed of making use of a Matchmaking service or site, but when it comes to finding a partner you can be happy with, any form of assistance is a welcome one.

Society keeps evolving and changing, constantly reinventing the old.

Our service is dedicated towards finding the best possible relationship matches for single South Asians.

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And if you could step away from the fear, you would know, deep down – it’s very unlikely you’ll stay alone for the next 10 or 60 years of your life. I know it’s hard to listen to the voice of reason when emotions are shouting louder. I can’t tell you when you’ll meet your next long-term partner – but I can give you a few tips to manage that fear better. Most likely A LOT happened in your life in 2 years, let alone 10. Another reality check: if you see a lot of people around you settling down, that doesn’t mean everyone but you is hooking up, you are just noticing those people more.As a matchmaking service in Melbourne, you can be sure that we will provide you with the solutions you expect.We speak multiple languages, so rest assured we can help you, should the language barrier prove difficult for you at first.After a successful pilot, our Asian matchmaking service is now fully operational and is designed for those people struggling to invest time in their dating life, like the idea of discretion and quality over quantity. I think, apart from our own company – nothing in our lives really lasts forever.

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