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Speak to your doctor if there are things you don't understand or if you have any concerns after the scan.There are two ways of doing a first trimester scan: Transvaginal scan (TVS) If your doctor wants you to have a scan earlier than 10 weeks of pregnancy, you will have a transvaginal scan.However, if the doctor needs to check your cervix (mouth of uterus and birth canal), a transvaginal scan may be done as it is more accurate.During an abdominal scan, the doctor will put some (usually very cold) gel on your tummy.After high school studied at the Kharkov college of business at the Faculty "Management of the organizations". A full bladder moves bowel out from the yet into the abdomen, helping visualisation of the pregnancy, uterus and ovaries. It makes me mad when I see people saying they ship Morgan and Andrew or Morgan and garret or whatever.T H E S E A R E R E A L P E O P L E Morgan is not some character from your favorite tv show that you can just push together.The prettiest how to make aries man love you for girls s names that are due a comeback. Can I get this slightly damaged K8Note, of course if it's still working after few hours and days of this water submerged test, as I don't get lucky to win a giveaway at all!

In the center is a beautiful park, which is named after Taras Shevchenko.

It's wonderful to see the little blob with a heartbeat that will become your baby.

Usually two scans are done during the first trimester.

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