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His neighbor was JFH Claiborne, the historian of Mississippi.

It is commonly prescribed to professional archaeologists, that they recount the history of a site’s occupation, even if perfunctorily, prior to the immersion into the prehistoric deposits many prefer.

It bifurcates around an island at its mouth where the British camped on their way to being defeated by Gen.

Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.

Even the former county seat, Gainesville, can be found only on old maps.

Its archaeological remains are now within the NASA Fee Area.

First, there is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), for the initial impetus for an in-depth study of the beginnings of this little but important corner of Hancock County, Mississippi. It was on this high land that slave traders of the early19 century found staging areas to import Africans into the New World, after Thomas Jefferson had prohibited this horrid commerce in the newly bought territory.

There are also legal documents left by settlers over the years.

As in most undertakings that take five years (maybe more) to complete, there are many to whom credit should be given. 66 Chapter 10: South Mississippi Involvement in War of 1812 – p. Here the British granted land to the officers and soldiers that fought in the Revolutionary War.

In this case, they are far too numerous to list, so we must content ourselves with just the major ones. Here, the Americans drew the boundary line separating the new Louisiana Purchase from Spanish territory.

As we began this normally expeditious research, we began to encounter family names of national import, like Bienville, Pintado, Jackson and Claiborne.

As we attempted the standard deed search, we came face-to-face with the reality of four different methods of land granting and recording: French, British, Spanish, and American.

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