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What Happens to the Body During the Tattooing Process?

Tattoos are permanent because ink-filled needles penetrate deep beneath the skin.

In uncommon cases, tats can become infected to the point that pus oozes from the scabbed-over areas where ink was applied.

Again, you should definitely visit a doctor if you’re seeing this adverse reaction.

Whether you decide on full sleeve tats, gauged nipples, a forked tongue or a delicate henna design, it’s all about self-expression.Of course, there are risks to everything and tattooing is no exception.Before you get inked (or go in for that next tat you’ve been planning), take a few minutes to learn a little more about the actual effects tattooing has on your body.For those who do want a permanent alternative, there are other (more unconventional) ways to mark your body without the use of ink.Body and facial piercings are removable, making these an appealing option for some.

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