Cam4 sexy on line

", as if they are really just looking out for this poor, naive guy.

Most guys stop camming within a month or two because they can't make enough money for it to be worth their while.I am amazed there are that many people in the world willing to have the whole world watch them jacking off and eating ass. Token begging is a bit sad, though, but the system probably brings in more people than if all were just exhibitionists. I guess I'm just not so inclined to do it on camera with the possibility of my family, friends, coworkers seeing me.Some folks look like trash but some look fairly respectable. Yeah, I guess it's all about social media and sharing being so big nowadays.But luckily only token whores have moderators and I'm more turned on by guys who do stuff on cam because that's their fetish and not by guys who want a tip for a bloody smile. Currently #1 male performer has a 55 year old female moderator who claimed about half an hour ago: "ALL HOMOSEXUAL QUESTIONS WILL GET YOU BANNED".I never say anything in the chats, because it's just a bunch of losers asking the same questions and trying to direct. I don't know was it partly because of her that the guy seems to have trouble getting tokens.

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