Camzap syria

It’s soft and can be broken into pieces for easy eating.In France today, even children are taught to respect the importance of bread and its role in filling the stomachs of a nation.This resembles a pizza, but with light granulated sugar on top – tastes good with berries. The cooking in Normandy is often very fatty and extremely generous.

But I felt it deserved recognition since it was used as a substitute for quite a while.

Alsace has a German influence because of its nearness to the German border.

It boasts a wide variety of bread, and is sometimes called the “bread capital” of France.

But there’s also: · Kougelhopf – a fluffy bread baked in an earthenware mold · Birnewecke – rich bread made up of pears, raisins, and nuts simmered with Kirsch (a clear fruit brandy) and then baked in a mold.

· Easter crown – a cylinder stuffed with raisins and almond paste and covered with glace icing.

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