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Never assume that a caller will be discreet on your behalf.Fax number The fax rule of thumb: Don't list a fax number in your Heading unless you're sending your resume to a recruiter.Email address Listing your email address (if you have one) in the Heading section can be beneficial to your job search.Providing your email address will often expedite the employer's response, while demonstrating that you're online savvy (a plus when applying for many positions). By stating an objective you give your resume focus and strength. It's very likely your envelope will be opened by a clerk in Human Resources.

Phone number List your work number on your resume only if you can talk freely from that phone and a message can be left without jeopardizing your job.Example: The best friend of a job hunter desiring an editorial position with a newspaper might say, "She even won the Pulitzer prize!I don't think anyone from the Examiner had ever done that before." Summary Statement: 3.Some resumes mistakenly have fluffy opening statements with job objectives buried in them.They use phrases like: "challenging position," "room for advancement," and "opportunity to grow." Cut out the fluff since it doesn't say much to an employer.

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