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If you’re looking to start friendship relationships the friendly introduction is the way to go.

To preserve the friendship, avoid any confrontational or amorous actions and things will remain platonic.

I have, and finding out about it was very unpleasant, to say the least.

I actually wonder sometimes if I’d be less emotionally damaged today if nobody had ever told me that my ex had cheated on me—you know, ignorance is bliss or whatever. One of the worst things about being cheated on is the inability to not think about why someone you were so close with would do such a thing.

We’ll also discuss what to do if you Sims want to break up or move on and how it will affect your game.

As we continue to play the game and gain more insights, we’ll keep updating this post with new insights we’ve found.

Just like with Careers, you’ll do an initial friendship event that gets the relationship going, but after that you can decide what kind of friendship you’d like to have by choosing one of the following stories: Friendship Rewards - Depending on the kind of story you choose for your friendship, will determine the clothing and rewards you unlock when you complete all the chapters of the story.

Each time you start a friendship event, you’ll work toward finishing a chapter of your friendship story.

This works for any relationship type, so if you ever want to switch things up, just go to the “More Options” section. - You have to reach a Relationship level 8 with a given Sim before you can unlock the option to ask your loved one to move in. Oddly, you have the option to propose to a Sim earlier than asking him or her to move in.

This will automatically age the baby up to the next developmental stage. - a satisfying aspect of having a Sim Child is that once they are grown, they can take the place of playable Sims as they move to retirement.

If you choose to retire a Sim, he or she won’t be playable any longer and so posterity must carry on their legacy.

How To Have A Baby How To Age A Baby Up: Growing Your Child Well From Baby To Toddler To Adult Once your baby has arrived, he or she comes with event, much like your other relationships.

The more you “socialize” with your child, the more chances you have of making sure he or she gains the “Good Upbringing” trait -- which will make him or her more successful in adult life.

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