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But usually you can deduce that any loans not showing up here will be private loans.

In addition to finding out what types of loans you have, the NSLDS database also provides a lot of data on your federal loans; including the history of your loans, who your loan servicer is, and dates of origination. has clear warnings that only borrowers themselves can log into this site. The site is where you can apply for Direct Consolidation and income-related payment plans, and it also shows a readout of your student loans.

If a loan doesn’t show up in the NSLDS database, nine times out of ten it will be a private loan.

Very rarely, federal loans may not show up in the database due to some kind of reporting error.

For instance, if you want to settle Navient private student loans, you’d want to make sure that they are privately backed – since Navient services federal loans but also originates private student loans.The FSA ID was created to replace the FAFSA PIN as a more secure login method.If you need assistance, click here to download my free FSA ID Setup Guide.One of the most common issues I run into working with student loan borrowers is trying to find out if the loans are federally or privately backed.It can actually be pretty difficult to find out, since some companies like Navient/Sallie Mae service federal loans but also originate their own private loans.

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