Daesung ye eun dating

In 1998, he established YG Entertainment and released his first solo album which featured a song composed by Seo Taiji.This was their first collaboration since the breakup. We are grateful to kbs for giving us good dramas and thru that we get to know and discover Korea better, nevertheless, we hope to see u acting in more dramas. Thanks, from Manila, Philippines He is my firtst love in kworld x D ! i love his act in secretly greatly especially, he's so cute and like an innocent boy there.. At episode two there is this young boy who got stab by his father in his heart with the artefact of the blue dragon.... ^^ To the beautiful you, hanazakarino Kimi 2007 n 2011.. at first i thought the other dude from da drama Master Of Study baek hyung was cute til i saw u. it's so difficult to search ur profile but my determination is up to the highest level and i know that soon maybe this year .. I pray and hope that it will be settled soon and have us see the entire drama run. your mouth, your eyes and enchant me toto are divine;) XD i hope the best for him, i hope he can play more characters as main role.. Love love love ~ ♥ I am just rewatching 'the legend'. And after searching i found out its really lee hyun woo!! i know i thought im the only who thought i'm the only one who knows that he looks like Lee Hong Ki and he kinda' acts like him too.......^^ when i first saw him in "to the beautiful you" i thought of Lee Hong Ki already....really cute i wanna see him do an AEGYO!!!!!! if i'm going to state here how much i love you , .. here's my email,[email protected]:)) im waiting for you.i can speak korean,a little because i want to commumicate with im hoping for it:))sayonara.i want you to be my friend you r so cute.... salang-hae i think dat is how u spell it in ur lang. since i watched ur korean dram titled "give me food" i spended 3 years just to find ur name ... Yang said he first met Seo when the musician came to him to learn how to dance.

i just wanted to say hi to this handsome man who always fills my day with joy when i see his picture... I really can't wait until ur bright future -Love Cing, P. Lee Hyun Woo is not just a great actor, but he's also an all-around well brought up actor. And one thing, i love your hobby,the sport SOCCER: D!! Lee Hyun Woo, you are my favourite actor in the whole world. i think your so busy now..i like your performance as little yushin in queen seon deok.. For me his a great actor and I wanna see him do more series or movies as a main character. I think any girl who'll be partnered with him would give a good chemistry. You deserve success coz you are well practiced actor. None of the characters is likable in the drama, how can the producer expect the drama to do well? After the group disbanded, he founded and became chief executive officer of YG Entertainment, one of the biggest record companies in South Korea.Seo Taiji & Boys was formed in 1991 with Seo Taiji, Lee Juno and Yang Hyun-Seok.

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