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You could have fun with a project like this without being so brazenly dismissive of an entire genre.The Stephen King article that this was based on was done in good fun. First one l think as l don't recall ever reading a book as bad as this. But maybe this was the worst Danielle Steel novel, which l was unlucky enough to choose.This order was confirmed by a California Appellate Judge, who ruled that because Steel was famous, her son's adoption did not have the same privacy right, The son at the center of the lawsuits, Nicholas Traina, committed suicide in 1997.Traina was the lead singer of San Francisco punk bands Link 80 and Knowledge.

Also, there are claims that her popular story lines are based from the events of her life, such as having two ex-con ex-husbands and other events that she kept hidden from the public.

After nine years of marriage, Steel and Lazard divorced.

In 1972 her first novel, Going Home, was published.

As time has progressed, Steel's writing has evolved.

Her later heroines tend to be stronger and more authoritative, who, if they do not receive the level of respect and attention they desire from a man, move on to a new life.

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