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The girls are both doing really well and by all accounts get on famously with their new step mum, but only because he’s dealt with his guilt and waited until he was in the right frame of mind to get involved with a woman again. ”Fiona is now dating another separated dad, but this time he's been separated for a long time!

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We seemed to get along OK, although when one of them started to play up, I felt very reluctant to say anything as there was no way I wanted to get involved in any arguments about discipline so early on!

I do not want to sign again before I can get to see them.

Is there some law that can help me enforce her to let me see the kids on a regular basis or get them returned to SA on a permanent basis?

We've been divorced since 2005 and she took, with my consent (and an agreement in place for the kids to SKYPE, write and visit me in SA at least twice a year) the 2 kids (then aged 5 and 3yrs)to NZ that same year. Not helping or allowing me to be involved in the kids' live.

I do not want to sign again before i can get to see them.

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