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Hedrick, who led the team that removed Tucker's tumor.

"They really made it possible for Tucker to happen." For Tucker's mother, it all remains a blur.

"If you have something else in there, it's going to push on something you don't want it to push on," Hedrick said.

But along with that success story, the team at CHOP reported the results of seven other heart-tumor cases from 2009 to 2015, in which fetal surgery was not attempted for one reason or another.

Archbishop Roussin has been active within the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), serving as a member of the Episcopal Commission for Christian Education (French Sector), the Episcopal Commission for Liturgy (English Sector), the Permanent Council and also as CCCB liaison bishop with Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry.

Join us for a riveting presentation highlighting specific steps women can take to move the needle on gender parity.

The technician told her only that she was carrying a boy, then abruptly left the room.

In came a succession of doctors who said the fetus had some sort of mass on his heart and probably would not survive.

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