Dealing with dating an ex stripper

LOLThis thread reminds me of a movie I rented a few months ago "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" it is about how strippers can't have a life outside of their profession.

One of the characters wrote poetry but couldn't get the weekend off to go to poetry events.

Just because a guy chooses to be a garbageman doesn't make him dirty..trashy or slutty, I've dated guys who weren't garbagemen and were all the above.

I find that a garbageman, well, most of them are clean and very healthy looking..

She’s also the founder of, the host of weekly call-in advice podcast Boycrazy, and produces her talk show series ‘Alexi In Bed.’ All month, she’ll be answering reader questions about all things related to love, relationships, and sex. I’ve been dating this guy for almost half a year now, and he’s been really sweet and respectful of the pace I set.

Would you be comfortable sharing how you became an agent? I would like to learn more about the industry, but I cannot send you an email through POF because you only accept emails from women. I don't think anyone's profession dictates who they are as a person, just with a dancer you already know what you are getting (not a bad thing I don't think!! In some instances this might be very true but when it comes to sex workers it simply doesn't hold true.

I'm in Philadelphia, so I wouldn't be competitng against you. A stripper is NOT the same as a physical fitness instructor unless you also equate a drug dealer to a pharmacist. Certainly there are some similarities but hardly enough or of the type that make them "the same thing".

I find that a dancer, well, most of them are clean and very healthy looking..

You don't need to be an exotic dancer to have a bad name..there are plenty of girls out there that are not dancers and are very trashy...dirty and slutty.

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