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It started out with her watching me pee in a glass and drink it for her. Next she had me push out all of the ketchup into a bowl... She told me to lick some, so I stuck my finger into the mess and licked it for her.My biggest wish is that she was recording my cam show, and posted it online for others to see. Also, maybe by some miracle I will reconnect with her, either on Omegle again, or maybe even she is a member here and sees this very post. All of this ^^^ was 100% real, and I am still so horny, and probably going back on Omegle video as soon as I post this.Hopefully tomorrow night, I will be able to figure out a way to record my omegle video chats easily..clear recording of both my cam, and the strangers cam.Next she told me to stick another one while the first one was still in.So I grabbed another one of the skinny stalks and worked its way in...

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