Hermaphrodites dating

Second, it is only relatively recently that the genetic mechanisms of sex development started to be deciphered.More importantly, there was no compelling reason to rapidly change the system.For instance, a woman with androgen insensitivity syndrome would find herself being called a male pseudohermaphrodite, in complete contradiction to her phenotypic sex and, most probably, gender identity.

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From a biological standpoint, the appearance of the external genitalia is only one parameter among many, including chromosomal constitution, the sequence of sex-determining genes, gonadal structure, the profile of gonadal hormones, and the internal reproductive structures.

However, sex and sexuality have long been an exception to modern standards of science because of the perceived consequences of scientific findings on controversial social debates.

What seems a rather straightforward concept—with an unequivocal answer to the proverbial delivery room question, “Is it a boy or a girl?

”—is in reality full of nuances and complexities, just like any human trait.

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