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The Norwegian ICA contains provisions on duty of disclosure, safety regulations etc.

As regards the burden of proof, the Norwegian Supreme Court has stated in obiter dicta that where the hull insurance is governed by foreign conditions, the burden of proof will also be governed by the foreign rules, cf. (Law Reports) 1997 page 1459, in particular page 1464.However, the Plan all risk principle is more beneficial to the assured than the English named peril principle in the event of any dispute or uncertainty. 2-12, sub-clause 2, it is the insurer who bears the burden of proving that the loss has been caused by an excepted peril, while under the English conditions, the burden is on the assured to prove that the loss was caused by a named peril.This means that English insurers, once they decide to dispute a claim, simply inform the assured that the claim is rejected because the loss was not caused by an insured peril.If the ship is outside the trading area covered by the foreign hull insurance but within the trading area covered by the Plan, the loss of hire insurer will therefore be liable, even if no compensation is payable under the hull insurance.The assured may conceivably change his hull insurance in the course of the insurance period under the loss of hire insurance, for instance from Plan conditions to English ITCH conditions.

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