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4) From the advent of the revolution of 1979 to the present.

Though the desire of some fervent Azerbaijanis to make Azeri Turkish their educational language has not been fulfilled, there is no longer a ban on Azeri Turkish publications in Iran, and more than 200 works in Azeri Turkish have appeared.

especially more than 90% of the total manufacturers, Exporters, investors and experts related to different scopes of this exhibition from all over Iran and more than 500 professional visitors from France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Irish, Lebanon, El Salvador, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Jordan, china, Japan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, India, Turkey, Taiwan, UAE visited Iran Ridex 2017.

The second Issue of Iran Ridex; The only Iran’s leading Exhibition of the Motorcycle, Parts, Accessories, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, was held on Jan 19-22, 2016 at Musalla Fairground at an area of approximately 10,000 sqm with 5550 sqm indoor and outdoor net space ( which has a 60% growth of 2015 issue) with 100 reputable domestic and foreign companies and brands, including 18 direct international booth from China, UAE and India, and 82 international brands and exclusive Iranian agents ( from Austria , France, Australia, Spain, Germany, America, Italy, china, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, UAE) and famous Iranian manufacturers exhibit Iran Ridex2016.He was put to death in Aleppo around 1407 because of his fervent propagation of the Ḥorufi beliefs.The influence of Persian poets such as Rumi, Neẓāmi Ganjavi, and ʿAṭṭār is noticeable in his poetry, and he mentions Ḥāfeẓ in his Persian . Sheikh Ṣafi-al-Din Ardabili and established the latter’s Sufi order in Herat under the Timurid Šāhroḵ. The 15th century saw the beginning of a more important period in the history of the Azeri Turkish literature. 1438-68) himself wrote lyrical poems in Turkish using the pen name of “Ḥaqiqi.” He sent his of Persian and Turkish poems to ʿAbd-al-Raḥmān Jāmi, who praised their form as well as their content (Heyʾat, 1979, p. Another poet-ruler of great significance is Esmāʿil I (r.Furthermore, because of the change of alphabet in the Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan and due to that region’s being in the Soviet bloc, communication between the Iranian province of Azerbaijan and the occupied territories north of it became more difficult.Only a few audacious poets managed to get some of their works secretly printed.

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