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That's why it's best to save opening up about tough issues—from exes to family issues to health problems—until we know a person's ready to hear it.Too much too soon can be off-putting, creating the sense that we're more of a burden than an exciting new prospect, Salkin says.In fact, 64 percent of the millennial generation is in the same singles-only boat.And while there are plenty of benefits to being (and staying) solo, we understand the allure of finding that special someone. Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message.

Listen closely, and you may not be so single come next February 14th.This make you seem more approachable if someone appreciates your wit, Salkin says.Plus, if someone opts not to message you back because they don’t like your style of hamming it up, that’s fine—you probably wouldn’t get along with them anyway. No one wants to read a 1,200-word essay on your childhood.Uploading untruths attracts folks who don’t share your true interests and courts difficulty once you have to explain yourself.If you’re not a partier, don’t post a shot of you out and about with a beer in each hand.

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