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He writes about his obsession with cars and how Raf Simons, a Belgian fashion designer, called it cliché."Maybe it links to a deep subconscious straight boy fantasy," Ocean writes.

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Ocean's zine that was sold at pop-up shops throughout the country, features an essay the singer-songwriter penned about his love for cars, a poem called "Boyfriend," and a poem by Kanye West about Mc Donald's, among other ephemera, photographs, and art.

Societies dating to the Millingstone Horizon are known which exploited the anadromous fishery of Morro Creek [14] and other Pacific coast estuaries.

The omul's resources are determined by fishery intensity.

Research has been ongoing since the 1960s to determine what the proportion of in the atmosphere has been over the past fifty thousand years.

The resulting data, in the form of a calibration curve, is now used to convert a given measurement of radiocarbon in a sample into an estimate of the sample's calendar age.

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