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A good map and a trail guide are good things to have as there are several opportunities to get lost.We stayed at the Adobe Wall in Taos and hired Rey at Gearing Up Bikes to shuttle us over to the start on forest road 76 outside of Angel Fire.

Even Aaron's gastrointestinal explosions in the car couldn't deter me (we drove mostly with the windows down).After our tour, we had a beautiful lunch-- my first experience with real Ethiopian food!The main staple of the Ethiopian meal is 'injera' which is a thin bread/tortilla type of food with a unique, tangy taste. after trying some injera with the stews, I have decided that injera may not be for me :) But, the stews were great and everything tasted really good!It was overwhelming to be standing in a circle with three other group members and to be surrounded by over 40 children who are just curious and want to shake your hand.They smile at you and run alongside your van, not asking for anything but a wave in return.

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