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The Doctor gets a call on the TARDIS phone when he’s trying to convince Clara to go somewhere other than on her date (the Doctor’s continued obliviousness to her being a very attractive woman is funny but is starting to wear thin, just saying).However, the second he picks up the phone, he, Clara, and two strangers are sat around a table in a room clutching a memory worm.But for that to happen, the Architect would have to be from the future to know that this precise day would be the day to break into the bank. Once in the vault, the Doctor and Clara follow the directions to the various boxes to find what everybody wanted: Psi wanted a memory-returner while Saibra wanted a serum that reverses her genetic mutation. Inside the private vault, they find Karabraxos herself, who turns out to be the same as Ms. Karabraxos clones herself to be her staff, because she can’t trust anyone else.The Doctor is beginning to understand; the bank is about to be destroyed because of the solar storm and Karabraxos has to leave, taking only what she can carry of her vast and enormous sum.It contained the most valuable thing in the galaxy: leverage.

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Campbell is believed to have taken over the leadership of the Red Scorpion gang after the arrest or murders of several key gang members in recent years, including brothers Jonathan, Jarrod and Jamie Bacon.

A video of a shadowy figure called The Architect tells them they are in the Bank of Karabraxos, the most secure and wealthiest in all the galaxy, and that they must break into the vault and steal from it.

Easier said than done, and it isn’t even that easy to say. ”) The Architect has left several of these cases with clues or helpful aids everywhere in the bank…

The Doctor is victorious, and takes everybody back to where they want to be.

While parts of this episode weren’t quite as exciting or as mind-bendy as I was hoping they’d be, the ultimate payoff really worked for me and, like all great Moff scripts, the answers were all seeded throughout.

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