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The sauces, along with our first tastes of the samosa, certainly put Clay Handi into a whole new category. We ordered the Chicken Seekh Kabobs, which was the only “full” order we placed, due to our mistake reading the menu wrong in terms of serving size.

Clay Handi custom orders all of the handis (cookware) and serving pieces, which are made special for their cooking and dining purposes.

Just one word of caution, as with a majority of traditional Indian cuisine, the kitchen doesn’t strain the whole spices from the braising/cooking liquid, so bite cautiously as to not get a pungent spice punch like The Palak Paneer, which is fresh spinach cooked with cubes of cottage cheese, balanced out our selection nicely.

Having been so used to Chana Saag (spinach and chickpeas) from our ‘go to’ Indian place, this was a very refreshing departure.

Interestingly enough, we didn’t even have a second thought about the lack of booze, because we found ourselves so enamored with the warm and comfortable atmosphere.

From the start, our server was extremely helpful answering our questions.

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