Review of online dating sites uk

There isn't much more to Zoosk, and that's likely why it's so popular.You don't have to fill out any profile details other than the bare basics, and really, your picture is what really counts here.It’s not like your activity on Zoosk will show up on your profile or on the news feed.Logging in with Facebook just makes things easier for you when signing up because all of your information will essentially be transferred over to your profile, therefore you don’t have to spend a lot of time uploading photos, filling in interests etc.After signing up you'll get a daily "mutual match" in your email, showing you someone else's profile, and allowing you to state yes or no to being interested.If you say yes, and it's mutual, you'll get a note (but won't know who it is specifically until you pay), and if it's no, you'll hear nothing."Access to the site comes through two means: coins, which you can pay for or earn by logging in and doing a variety of things, or by becoming a subscriber.

If you choose to use Zoosk via Facebook you can be completely discrete.

There isn’t a lot of fluff that comes with this site and everything is pretty much straight to the point.

When it comes to searching for local singles, you can use their only search option which is very basic.

is a fairly new singles website that has online been around since it’s launch in 2007 but it is growing rapidly and has now become one of the most popular mainstream dating sites for singles who are looking to find a date in their area with members who have similar interests.

Zoosk has recently reported that they have about 50 million members worldwide and considers itself to be the fastest growing social dating network and community.

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