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“One Dance” also features Nigerian singer Wizkid—he and Drake teamed up in 2015 to remix his track “Ojuelegba.” Spotify released their list of most-streamed songs of summer 2016—“One Dance” took the number one spot on the US and Global charts.On October 17, 2016, “One Dance” became the number one streamed song in the streaming service’s history.She filled their pages with details of her travels — the people she met, the conditions she encountered — and her thoughts on all of it.None of Kayla’s journals from the days in 2013 leading up to her kidnapping in Syria or the 18 months she was held captive by the Islamic State have been returned to Carl and Marsha Mueller, Kayla's parents.

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Carl Mueller, left, and his son, Eric, attend a playground groundbreaking at Pioneer Park in Prescott on Jan.He misses her terribly.“I will have to get back to those,” Carl said.“I will have to read all of those.”The journals are precious to the Muellers because they were precious to their daughter, who took great care in what she held precious. She bought her clothes at the Disabled American Veterans thrift store in Prescott — and then donated clothes back. She traveled into some of the most dangerous parts of the world, areas scarred by poverty and violence, to help people in need. Carl and Marsha Mueller never got the chance to bury their daughter.“People talk about closure in situations like this," Carl said.Not things that she bought, nor things that would be of any real value to anyone else. 4, 2013, as she left a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Aleppo, Syria.The secret kept for almost 18 agonizing months as they emailed back and forth with their daughter’s captors in hopes of securing her release.

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