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I must confess my heart sank a little when I saw the size of this great slab of a book.

Most of the many women in his life, including his second wife, the actress May Britt, actually were white - a fact that infuriated bigots on both sides of the racial divide.

But Davis couldn't keep away from what many viewed as forbidden fruit.

White girls on black silk sheets, says Haygood, was Sammy Davis's idea of the American dream.

The other key to Davis's ingratiating personality - a star himself, he was constantly sucking up to other celebrities, and was often accused of "Uncle Tomming" to the whites - was his distant relationship with his mother, who seems to have been entirely lacking in maternal feeling.

She concentrated on her own career as a hoofer, leaving Sammy in the care of his father, and the veteran vaudeville entertainer Will Mastin.

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