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My husband was a very dominant man when we first met. He sends me into a few more orgasms until I have to beg him to stop. He comes up, holding me close again, kissing me with his soaked face.It was a trait I appriciatd in a man and one of the things about him I liked the most. I taste me, John and Dale on his lips, moaning into our kiss. Who would have thought I had any form of dominating features, that my husband was so submissive and I’d be cuckolding him? He kisses me deeply, sucking my tongue into his mouth. I ride his cock hard and fast, not wanting anything romantic or sweet. Erotic massages typically feature massages in the erogenous zones of the body to increase sexual arousal. Here are some different kind of erotic or sensuous massage techniques: Brothels are legal only in some parts of the world, though some illegal brothels may be tolerated.

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I’ve randomly surprised him like this before, adding new dimensions to our sex life that he has enjoyed. I think to myself that I might need to invest on a good proper chair for the upstairs. His build is a tad bit rounder than Dale, but with thick, broad shoulders. His blonde hair is strikingly beautiful, complimenting his brilliant blue eyes. A girl could get lost in them if she isn't careful. “I’m pretty sure that makes three of us, doll,” John smiles. His tongue lapping at my clit, through the thin fabric. Swirling, darting, lapping at my clit and pussy, he suckles delightfully at my soaking snatch. I quiver, sending myself into outer space, thrusting my hips upwards as John holds them down. Dale, all the while, is almost writhing in his seat, so much so I begin think he is going to erupt at any moment. He is breathing heavily, moaning with fear of coming. I softly whimper, feeling myself becoming all the more turned on. His mouth on my nipple, he sucks hard, thrusting into me without care. I encourage Dale to come, wanting to see how much seed he has built up from all the excitement.

“Besides, if I did that, I’d have to start fucking the milk man, or the paper boy,” I giggle. Though, I, like him, have dark hair, but eyes are grey.

“Hey, no issues by me, as long as I can watch,” he laughs with me. However, he has no idea what is in store for him later in the evening. I’m in pretty good shape, not as well toned as he is, but then he is more into working out than I am.

I once bought him a butt plug and made him wear it to work. I find the best angle in the bedroom before placing it in the far right corner. I draw the shades close, closing out the sun, which is shining brightly into the room. They give off a soft glow, perfectly lighting the room. I buck my hips towards him, wanting to feel his tongue directly on my clit. He dines on me like he has not had pussy in a while. My clit is swollen hard again, I reach under and toy with it. He fucks me harder and each passing moment my moans grow. We’re all moaning, shivering with need, so close to impending orgasms. I’m shocked he dares to jerk so fast, being afraid of coming. His tip glistens in the light, pre-cum running down his shaft. He starts to come, stiffens hard, before shooting such a big load.

I sent naughty photos of myself to him and told him he wasn’t allowed to come the entire day. He is finally going to get to see me in action with someone else. When I’m happy with the room, I take out what needs to be used and head back downstairs. Come on." I take his hand, leading him into the dining room. He glares at me in frustration, clearly showing me how hot and bothered it was. I ghostly dance my fingers over it as he teases me so. I have a feeling he likes the scene that is created between Dale and me. I lick my lips, wanting to taste him in my mouth suddenly.

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