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In a third of these cases, this led to sex.” Do people have more casual sex because of Tinder?

Doctoral student Elisabeth Timmermans set out to find the answer: “One in two users already met one of their Tinder matches in real life.

It’s a relatively new form of short relationships, with a strong sexual focus.” Timmermans wanted to find out whether a similar evolution is taking place in Belgium, and which part is played by Tinder, the dating app that has already brought about 10 billion matches worldwide.

This is how it works: you swipe pictures of potential partners to the left when you’re not interested, and to the right when the profile appeals to you.

“People usually have more than one reason to create a profile.

Most respondents have high scores for amusement and curiosity.

Yes, dear Android users, this is the moment you have all been waiting for. We had a whale of times but we also went through more serious moments. I posted a comment on a picture of a guy I thought was cute and he instantly replied! Nothing serious at the beginning but after a couple of days, we exchanged phone numbers.

During a research stay in Indiana, communication scientist Elisabeth Timmermans became acquainted with the American hookup culture.But my research shows that it doesn’t always come to that,” says Elisabeth Timmermans.“Half of my respondents have already met at least one of their Tinder matches in real life.As a matter of fact, Tinder was inspired by Grindr, an app for gay men.Some homosexual men in my sample reported that they prefer Tinder when they’re looking for a relationship, because Grindr is sometimes focused too strongly on sexual interactions.” Tinder types Elisabeth Timmermans also examined the link between someone’s personality and whether or not they use Tinder.

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