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I talked to my boss Steve muller about it a day before but that only made her harassment worse because he had to discuss the issue among Kathy as well . I should have gotten an attorney, however I still enjoy white castle and I live across from the airport I have to visit the Lindbergh store, because I just cant believe that you guys have managers whom are never polite nor smiles.Reply I called over a week ago with a complaint about your store in Garden City Mi.. I was told that it would go to the corporate office and I would hear from them……half a “sack” of fries…and 9 of the 11 burgers I was forced to keep excuse I couldn’t afford another charge on my card.first order was over Of course I’ve heard from no one so I guess I’ll just let all these young adults I work with not to go there.whoever else suggests it Pathetic customer care Reply Just left white castle in pleasant Prarie, Wi. When I got home I noticed they forgot my 4 cheeseburgers.In drive thru (only one there in whole store), told to wait to order…7 min later, gave order of 10 burgers, med fry and med sprite. I called spoke with the manager and left my name so my burgers could be replaced upon my next visit.I never thought that a company so big would be so bad to work for. and schedules her 9-10 hours at a time making sure she works till way past midnight, as a father i dont want to interfere however i think bad form on some manager whos been there 30 yrs making it more stressful for a young person wanting a better life for themselves. Well my main boss Tim has his wife 1 brother and 2 sisters and a nephew all working there and all he walks around talking about is how he’s promoting his wife to manager next after being there for only a few months.Reply my daughter works at one of your stores and just because she is trying to better herself going to school for nursing. Which that wasn’t far to a lot of team members and they were there longer and actually worked for it.It’s like he’s trying to get his whole family in there and everyone else out.His sister got hired as a manager no clue what she was having to ask team members. Not trying to be a whiner but it’s real hard to work with someone that tells you well I don’t know how my wife does it and gets all 5s on a survey but that’s the type of people we need.

I just took the order.angry.I have that kind of money Then get home…Since when is an order of cheese sticks..3 three cheese sticks???? Got home to 8 burgers, 2 chicken sandwiches, small fry and order of chicken rings. Told her all this also I have the plastic piece, pictures and the receipt, she said someone would contact me, Nothing still, they are very fortunate my grandchildren didn’t choke on that!!!!! Louis, MO) last Thursday and placed a rather large order. In 1933, Anderson sells his stake in the company to Ingram. Question 1: What is the phone number for White Castle? Then a youngman comes from the back and he takes a order in the middle walks away. In the 1930s the company innovates many firsts in the fast food industry including newspaper coupons, using paper cartons for burgers and frozen hamburger patties. The company no longer franchises and all locations are corporately owned. And I am upset , I first of all go into the store it”s pm store is a mess, then you have I saw 4 people at first one on the grill a young lady, a guy on the fry station , one on front register over his head because he’s doing both window and front.After Thursday night sports White Castle was the simplest food to pick up for the family on the way home but since it my responsibility to get my order accurate, I think I’ll go somewhere else where the workers are held to a higher accountability. Reply Hi I have a child that works at white castle in st louis mo 63134 and he is 16 years old he is still in high school and he is worked like he is a grown man he works 6 days a week he gets out of school at and does not get home till 3 and he has to be at work at and he told his manager that is cutting it close then he does not get off till 10 r so that gives him no time for homework or studies he has told his manager a million times he also can get off at a certain time and they still will not let him got till like 15 20 even 30 after that time on school nights, if he works 8 hours or longer he does not get a break he works every weekend even if he puts in for time off he never gets it and he talks and tell the assistant gm that makes the schedule and she does not care she still does what she wants to do, My son does not want me to step in and interfere but this is a concern that this company works these kids that or still in school like they do and it’s not just my son it is other kids also, not to mention the assistant gm is rude to her workers and everyone else. I live off of Northfield Blvd which is about 4 miles away. The area I am talking about North of Murfreesbor on Memorial Blvd (Hwy 231). At first it was a great place to work but then we got a new boss.My son is at work when scheduled he is there on time he does not call in even when was very sick he still went because he was told that they needed him he does what he is told he does not do no call no shows like other people there when they need him he is there for them. The only White Castle store you have is at Thompson Ln and Old Fort Pkwy. I’ve always heard husbands wifes pretty much any family aren’t suppose to work together because of favoritism.

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