Updating esxupdate database

I decided to move the (in /altbootbank/state.92793/) one directory higher.This did the trick and the Update Manager successfully deployed the upgrade…Well, almost.I successfully upgraded one of my hosts without any issues, however after scanning on my second host, it reported the upgrade as incompatible and stated: “The upgrade contains the following set of conflicting VIBs: Mellanox_bootbank_net. Remove the conflicting VIBs or use Image Builder to create a custom ISO.” I checked the host to see if I was even using the Mellanox drivers, and thankfully I wasn’t and could safely remove them.If you are using the drivers that are causing the conflict, DO NOT REMOVE them as it could disconnect all network interfaces from your host.At the end of the upgrade, the ESXi server reverted to an old network configuration. After a manual reconfiguration of the network settings, everything is working fine now.Probably to a networkconfiguration which was in the local.tgz? contains a system state backup of your ESXi server.More information about the two bootbanks is available in this VMware PDF: “ So /altbootbank/ is used in a upgrade scenario, to have a fail safe option.

It was easy enough to download the customized HPe installation image from VMware’s website, I then loaded it in to VMware Update Manager on the v Center appliance, created a baseline, and was prepared to upgrade the hosts.As you can see here we have older version of VIB.(NSX Manager is on 6.3.2 version) Under NSX Component Installation on Hosts Clusters & Hosts is known as “Agency” and this mean Agency is corrupted.===========================================================================Now only option is to Delete Agency and it will automatically create new Agency and pick the Latest VIB drivers. After this if you are working with VMware then tech support guy will type their secret password to enable “Engineering Mode”===========================================================================3. Click on this and after that click on “Destroy Agency”.4. Just follow the same path and check the VIB version and you will see this time it’s updated with newer version.6.After this run below commandsecureall=# select * from deployment_unit;by using these commands you can check if there is any issue with NSX Manager database or not.===========================================================================1. Now go to NSX Manager View and this time you will see there is no status it’s blank, that mean we can install latest version.7. First set of steps I used was the video demo by VMware of how to install v Center Update Manager 4 Update1.(Warning these are videos that need to be downloaded and you will need Adobe Flash player to view them).

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