Updating old shower stall

Here’s a good ol’ fashioned fully-clothed reenactment for you. Oh and we taped off the top edge so all we had to do was smooth it with our finger and then peel off the tape while it was still wet for a nice clean line against that dark tile.Apparently he likes those (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C) Anyway, the first scene to Get Those Dastardly Doors Down (the movie) involved swinging them out at the bottom so they could be lifted away from the track that held them in place at the top. Then after it all dried we hung our extra long shower curtain with a tension rod from Home Depot and it finally felt clean and airy. ** * We then discovered this thick layer of scum that was living under the frame on the bottom of the tub, which wasn’t screwed in.The to-the-ceiling-height always adds some nice “head-room” so it feels a lot less cramped to us (and it’s never dark in there since light passes through white fabric really easily).Plus their height was oddly low, so John hit his head (not once but twice) while climbing in. Many areas were missing caulk completely, and some had pink-ish mildew or even old rotted brown spots (don’t even know what caused those) but one thing was clear: we needed to strip off the old caulk and re-caulk the entire perimeter of the tub and even down the sides and along the base at the floor.Fool him once, shame on the shower doors – fool him twice, shame on John. Or stop reading this entirely if you’re especially squeamish. So we used a combination of a box cutter and this little plastic tool that we grabbed at Home Depot for a few bucks (it has a razor in the middle of the V to help slice while it pulls the caulk away from the wall). Be sure to use something silicone that’s meant for a tub/shower (we like the white colored stuff over clear caulk since it blends with the tub).

updating old shower stall-51updating old shower stall-67

Whether wood or laminate, the bath cabinet can most likely be revamped.

So it should be fun to reconfigure this room down the line and retile/add a double sink/etc.

But we like living with a space for a nice long time before doing dramatic reno (who knows, we might completely change our mind and go a different direction after thinking it through).

There have been some really qualified “entries” for the ugly bathroom makeover. some of you are in desperate need of direction & a plan on how to jazz up your bathrooms.

Most of the bathrooms I received pictures for, have good bones and are similar in layout of many homes, but they need to be taken to the next level to be practical and pretty!

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