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This involved creating a mood board that captured the colours, iconography, textures, art, the architecture of the Hindu religion.

We wanted to use rich colours such as orange and magenta for creating a festive mood.

The bar is still the pride and joy of Piccino, and their continued love for coffee starts by serving Sightglass and urban trail mix.

This is also one of the few spots in the neighborhood that has a full menu, wine selections, and pastries.

In some cases, all the data from the boy or the girl’s horoscope chart (that’s prepared by the family’s astrologer) is included as a separate document along with the marriage biodata.

It’s a spot where you can either sit for hours sampling pastries and lattes or go in to get what you want and continue on with your day. Their cappuccinos and lattes are served in mini bowls, too small for soup but huge for a cuppa.

If you’re interested in trying something new, La Boulangerie also offers house bottled beverages like coconut milk cold brew and ginger thyme lemonade. What you really want is a side of caffeine to make these O-shaped pastries feel less lonely. Owner Sara Spearin comes from the likes of Foreign Cinema and Postrio.

This transition is part of age-based lifestyle changes that followers of Hinduism are expected to go through.

Hindu marriages are not just a sacred union of two people but a coming together of two families.

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